Satisloh auto calibration machine at Dietz-McLean Optical custom lab

Dietz-McLean Optical's

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Why did we decide to put in our own lab?

Simply put, we installed our state-of-the-art optical laboratory because it allows us the freedom to take better care of our customers.  We can produce high-quality, modern lenses in-house and are 100% in control of the entire process.  This means that we can offer customized products that outsourced labs are unwilling or unable to do.  Managing our own production also affords us enhanced turnaround time while maintaining the quality and craftsmanship that Dietz-McLean has provided for generations. 

Lens manufacturing has changed a lot in the hundred years that our family has been in the optical business.  Whether in 1921 or 2021, we have strived to stay at the forefront of lens technology.

The modern custom lab of Dietz-McLean in 2021
Dietz-McLean Optical lab in 1921
Girl wearing custom made glasses

Our Lenses and

​Our new digital lab provides our customers with specialty products

such as--

  • Freeform progressive lenses 

  • Customizable RX Sunglasses

  • Personalized computer glasses  

  • High power and prism eyewear

Custom sunglasses at Dietz-McLean Optical