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Quality independent frames and custom lenses that help your child see the world.

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Why Choose Dietz-McLean Optical

for Your Child’s Glasses?

Dietz-McLean Optical is a multigenerational optical shop, and we’ve been serving families like yours for over 80 years. As San Antonio’s optical experts, we have treated countless children and given them the gift of amazing sight through glasses that express who they are.

Happy family trying out eyewear collection at Dietz McLean Optical
Pediatric eye exam at Dietz McLean Optical

The Right Eyewear Can Make a Big Difference

Using our skill and experience, we’re able to provide a thorough and detailed evaluation of your child’s face shape, prescription, age, and lifestyle to recommend the ideal frame for them. Without the proper eyewear, your child can’t fully enjoy playtime, participate in extracurricular activities like sports, or see the board in the classroom. To help them make the most of their childhood, we’ll provide your child with custom frames and lenses made just for them.
Our Favorite

Kid’s Eyeglasses & Frames Brands

We’re proud to offer independent and designer eyeglasses for kids. We carry frames from Dilli Dalli, which are made of hypoallergenic materials that are flexible enough to outlast playtime! Another favorite is Erin’s World, which are great for kids with specialty fit needs. These frames are perfect for children who have unique facial anatomies that other glasses brands can’t accommodate comfortably, such as those with Down syndrome. We also have OP — Ocean Pacific eyewear that boasts colorful and fun designs that let your child’s personality shine! You can find these and other children’s frame brands in our impressive optical showroom.

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OP logo
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Personalized Fit

Kid’s Glasses

To ensure your child can see clearly, their glasses need to fit them just right. And because kids’ faces are smaller and still developing, it’s important to have an optical professional size them up and tailor their glasses. This personalized fitting process makes sure your little one avoids the all-too-common look of glasses that are too large or small for their face — no more pinching or falling frames! At Dietz-McLean Optical, your child’s glasses will give them optimal vision correction and sit on their face just right.
Kid wearing eyeglasses outdoor at Dietz McLean Optical
Pediatric eyeglasses at Dietz McLean Optical

Specialty Fit/Hard to Fit

Pediatric Glasses

Our pediatric glasses are crafted for children with specialized face needs or prescriptions that regular glasses can’t fulfill. If your child has a high prescription or clinically low vision as identified by an optometrist, we can fit them for a pair of glasses that will accommodate their condition. And for those with unique facial anatomy or fit requirements who’d benefit from a more nuanced approach to eyewear, we’ll find a pair that will fit them just right.

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Our Amazing

Kid’s Glasses Warranty Program

An exceptional glasses shopping experience is not complete without the peace of mind you get with a warranty, and that’s no different with our kid’s eyeglasses. We back our children’s frames with a 15-month warranty that protects against damage with applicable co-pays, as well as a 30-day no-fault exchange if you want a different pair. And if your child is having difficulty seeing their best, you can rest easy knowing that we offer a 90-day prescription exchange guarantee and free adjustments to their frames and lenses.

Eye frames and glasses repair at Dietz McLean Optical
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Customers are Saying

Alba Luz
Alba Luz
In 2018, I took my 90 years old father to a routine eye check up. The Doctor there found a problem with him that required urgent surgery in both eyes to don't go blind. Thanks to her my dad's vision is perfect for his age. Great service! 🌹
Robert McKinney
Robert McKinney
Excellent service, very friendly and very service oriented!!
Nagendra Kumar
Nagendra Kumar
Dietz-McLean Optical in San Antonio on Basse Rd... The best Optical experience I ever had. I am from California, visiting my daughter in San Antonio, and have been wearing rimless glasses for a while. No one ever did my rimless round glasses the way I wanted until I met Linda at Dietz-McLean opticals. To me, precise and accurate measurements of my round rimless glasses were of utmost importance and Linda was sharp as a whip who understood my need for precision, accuracy and elegance .She got my rimless glasses done....on time and to the exact measurements on the glasses. .I was so impressed with the quality of their work, I got 3 pairs of rimless glasses done. Linda is an asset to this company to uphold the values of Customer service, profssional atttitude and respect for the customers in listening to their needs , ontime delivery of glasses of exceptional quality and elegance. I would highly recommend Dietz-McLean Opticals for quality glasses - rim or rimless. -Mr Kumar .
erin reynolds
erin reynolds
I was looking for a particular pair of glasses with no luck. I found this place via Google. I spoke with Linda and she was able to find the glasses for me! Great customer service! I will only buy glasses from here going forward! Thank you, Linda!
John Nisbet
John Nisbet
Great company going back to my grandfather who was one of the first ophthalmologists in SA (actually the 2nd and they told him he wouldn't make it since there already was 1!). I go to Dietz-McLean for all my glasses needs. Thanks!
Georgia Jobes
Georgia Jobes
The best optical shop bar none. Dietz-McLean goes the extra mile in customer service and producing superb quality eyewear. Linda never gave up on me and after a new prescription my glasses were perfect. I have been a loyal customer for two decades. My prescription is difficult and this is the only optical shop that can fit me.
Zack Ezer
Zack Ezer
I've been wearing glasses for close to twenty years and have not had an easier shopping experience for new glasses in that time. Elke was very knowledgeable about my options and I was quickly able to pick a new frame that looks great. Thank you for the great service!
Michael Ward
Michael Ward
Found this company from my friend Rodney who works here. Great guy and always professional!
Great Opticians with a great selection and friendly staff!