Designer Eyeglasses & Frames

Dietz-McLean Optical is your source for exceptional eyewear in San Antonio. We carry everything from the most exciting independent frames to notable designers: if it will look good on your face, we have it!

Independent Eyeglasses & Frames

As an independently owned optical store, we can acquire and offer frames that you won’t find anywhere else, without any red tape or restrictive vision plans. We want you to have as many options as possible, from exciting brands like Erker’s 1879 and Silhouette, and we love sharing the latest trends and newest incarnations of long-standing classics with our communities.

Woman with custom eyeglasses and frames at Dietz McLean Optical
Man with custom glasses and frames at Dietz McLean Optical

The Perfect Selection of Designer Eyeglasses & Frames

We’re ardent advocates of excellence in eyewear, whether that’s from an independent or industry-leading designer like Carrera or Kate Spade New York®. As far as we’re concerned, if your glasses are going to wow us and our clients — you’re in. Our opticians know this industry well and are delighted to share their knowledge to help customers find their perfect pair of glasses, for any style or occasion.


Favorite Brands

Find all the best eyewear, from some of our favorite creators: NW77, Erker’s 1879, Silhouette, Bulova, Polaroid, Vernon Gantry, Colours, Ocean Pacific, Juicy Couture, Steve Madden, Cartier®, Kate Spade New York®, Carrera, and more!

Our Custom Lenses & Finishes

We’re able to provide incredible personalization with our custom lens lab, which is where we take lenses to the next level for our customers in a fraction of a major distributor’s turnaround time. We have an exceptional range of lens and finishing options, all finalized by our expert team of technicians so we can sign off on their quality ourselves.

Custom lenses and repair at Dietz-McLean Optical
Customize eyeglass lenses at Dietz-McLean Optical

Custom Lenses and Finishes

  • Anti-scratch coating
  • Polarization
  • Antireflective treatments
  • Freeform digital progressive lenses
  • Prescription sunglasses
  • Blue-light blocking lenses
  • High-power lenses
  • Prism lenses

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Tailoring Our Eyewear to You

While the business Dietz-McLean Optical has existed since 1938, our family and team have over 100 years of occupational experience, handed down through four generations. Our highly trained opticians are passionate about all things eyeglasses: just tell us a little about yourself, and we’ll get to curating choices that align with your lifestyle and fashion needs from our expansive optical collection.

Tailoring our extensive eyewear at Dietz-McLean Optical
Dietz-McLean Optical eyeglass design for women

We Stand by Our Customers – And Our Glasses

We know we have the best Fair Value Plan for incredible eyewear in the San Antonio area, and we’re proud to stand behind it with our warranties and guarantees:

  • Warranty — 1-2 years on damage, including lenses and copays
  • Repairs — free repairs and adjustments for life, for both frames and lenses
  • Returns — swap out your eyewear within six months of purchase, no questions asked
  • Replacements — completely replace your pair for 50% retail, once during the warranty period

Specialty & Low Bridge – Fit Frames

For some people, finding the right frames is more difficult due to their unique facial anatomy, meaning they are often left to settle for a sub-par fit that can lead to hindered vision. However, at Dietz McLean Optical we offer specialty and low-nose bridge glasses that cater to those needs. These are also sometimes referred to as Asian-fit eyeglasses, and they are marked by having larger nose pads that help keep glasses in place, as opposed to a pad-less plastic frame. We carry an array of stunning variations of low bridge frames and can help you find the best choice for you.
Girl wearing eyeglass with fit-frame
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Customers are Saying

Alba Luz
Alba Luz
In 2018, I took my 90 years old father to a routine eye check up. The Doctor there found a problem with him that required urgent surgery in both eyes to don't go blind. Thanks to her my dad's vision is perfect for his age. Great service! 🌹
Robert McKinney
Robert McKinney
Excellent service, very friendly and very service oriented!!
Nagendra Kumar
Nagendra Kumar
Dietz-McLean Optical in San Antonio on Basse Rd... The best Optical experience I ever had. I am from California, visiting my daughter in San Antonio, and have been wearing rimless glasses for a while. No one ever did my rimless round glasses the way I wanted until I met Linda at Dietz-McLean opticals. To me, precise and accurate measurements of my round rimless glasses were of utmost importance and Linda was sharp as a whip who understood my need for precision, accuracy and elegance .She got my rimless glasses done....on time and to the exact measurements on the glasses. .I was so impressed with the quality of their work, I got 3 pairs of rimless glasses done. Linda is an asset to this company to uphold the values of Customer service, profssional atttitude and respect for the customers in listening to their needs , ontime delivery of glasses of exceptional quality and elegance. I would highly recommend Dietz-McLean Opticals for quality glasses - rim or rimless. -Mr Kumar .
erin reynolds
erin reynolds
I was looking for a particular pair of glasses with no luck. I found this place via Google. I spoke with Linda and she was able to find the glasses for me! Great customer service! I will only buy glasses from here going forward! Thank you, Linda!
John Nisbet
John Nisbet
Great company going back to my grandfather who was one of the first ophthalmologists in SA (actually the 2nd and they told him he wouldn't make it since there already was 1!). I go to Dietz-McLean for all my glasses needs. Thanks!
Georgia Jobes
Georgia Jobes
The best optical shop bar none. Dietz-McLean goes the extra mile in customer service and producing superb quality eyewear. Linda never gave up on me and after a new prescription my glasses were perfect. I have been a loyal customer for two decades. My prescription is difficult and this is the only optical shop that can fit me.
Zack Ezer
Zack Ezer
I've been wearing glasses for close to twenty years and have not had an easier shopping experience for new glasses in that time. Elke was very knowledgeable about my options and I was quickly able to pick a new frame that looks great. Thank you for the great service!
Michael Ward
Michael Ward
Found this company from my friend Rodney who works here. Great guy and always professional!
Great Opticians with a great selection and friendly staff!